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Joseph Grossetti
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Joseph Grossetti Flashbacks. New band - retro sound. Refreshing. Tight. Sweet vocals. Groovy. Favorite track: The Mystery Machine.
christopher o'brien
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christopher o'brien Kudos and much success!!! As a longtime sonic-texturalist keys player I sincerely appreciate the crafting and care that TLS has employed w/ their album "Revolutions." Your sound evokes a continuation of a by-gone musical era. The sonic possibilities evoke tapestries of sounds yet-recorded.... Are you are open to exploring further expansive analog, synth-based sonic ideas? :) Favorite track: Which Side of Time Are You On??.
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rev·o·lu·tion [re-və-ˈlü-shən] n.
(from the Latin revolutio, "a turn around"):

1.  a far-reaching and drastic change, especially in ideas, methods;
2.  a procedure or course, as if in a circuit, back to a starting point;
3.  a sudden, complete or marked change in something.
Revolutions is the new psychedelic album offered by
The Liquid Scene. 

Come experience the sounds of yesterday and today in mind-swirling technicolour. It’s all here. For your entertainment...

The Liquid Scene brings back the retroscented psychedelic sounds of yesteryear for the new generation (you know who you are). Join other like-minded and like-spirited luminaries of change on the retro road of love ~ because deep down you know you’re old skool and that music can change the world. It’s a new dawn. And Revolutions is here...


released December 5, 2014

Becki (bodhi) diGregorio: vocals, acoustic guitars, sitar, dilruba
Tom Ayers: guitars and pedals
Endre Tarczy: bass and keyboards, circus barker
Trey Sabatelli: drums and percussion

Produced, engineered, mixed and psychedelicized by
Vince Sanchez at VSO Productions.

Recorded to history standards at VSO Productions Studio in
Santa Cruz CA. Additional recording at M.A.R.S. Studio
in Aptos CA.

Mastered by Doug Sax with Jett Galindo at The Mastering Lab
in Ojai CA.

Artwork and design: Doug McDonald.

Check out our psychedelic music video for "Letterbox" on YouTube here:

Band website:

Thank you for buying this record and supporting psychedelic independent musicians everywhere.



all rights reserved


The Liquid Scene San Francisco, California

yesterday's sounds... today ~ come be part of the sonic art show ~ your ticket lies herein ~ move beyond the door of conformity ~ dive beneath the surface of your mind & dig the liquid scene

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Track Name: The Other Side of The Sun
the other side of the sun

can’t you feel the time is now
for us to leave this world somehow
gotta’ go and find our way
so we can bring on a better day
the other side of the sun…

where my mind is free
and life is a dream
won’t you come with me now
i can show you how

hear me when i say to you
this is where our dreams come true
so come on now and take my hand
and follow me to the promised land
the other side of the sun…

see the other worlds around us
while we feel the love surround us and
come with me to a better life
here on the other side

with our friends we’ll find our home
discover lands we’ve never known
serenade the world on high
and show them all there’s another side
the other side of the sun…

© becki digregorio
Track Name: Letterbox

she keeps her secrets
inside a letterbox
stores her treasures
inside a letterbox

it’s with her everywhere she goes
what’s inside it no one knows
she guards it carefully and well
i’m underneath its spell

she hides her memories
inside a letterbox
makes me wonder
what’s inside that letterbox

all her dreams since she was young?
all the songs she’s ever sung?
tender thoughts, poems too?
if i only knew…

cards and letters from her past?
favourite rings and photographs?
all the wonders it contains
a mystery it remains…

she keeps her secrets
inside a letterbox
makes me wonder
what’s inside that letterbox

if i could only look inside
at all the things she has to hide
maybe then i’d get to know
what’s inside her soul

it’s with her everywhere she goes
what’s inside it no one knows

© becki digregorio
Track Name: The Mystery Machine
the mystery machine

in the misty morning light
when it’s neither day or night
i’ll wake you with a song inside your dreams

and here beyond the sky
lie the answers to our lives
where no one’s ever thought to search before

now there’s nowhere else you’d rather be
from this moment on you’ll know you’re truly free

who knows what goes on
in the mystery machine
have we come or gone
from the mystery machine
the world is our delight
and everything’s all right
when you meet me in the mystery machine

deep within your mind
past the hourglass of time
you’ll see the pathway through the open door

and we’ll be on our way
gone to greet another day
when the spirits come alive again once more

listen to the madrigal
blessing us with all we know
never hath another come so far
every moment has its say
in this golden rainy day
carried on the winds of make believe
you’ll see…

© becki digregorio
Track Name: The Mad Potter of Biloxi
the mad potter of biloxi

people in town would say he had lost his mind
but ohr himself would tell you he was just ahead of his time

he was mad as a hatter
or maybe as a potter
he’s the mad potter
the potter of biloxi

he’d throw them and he’d fire them some days into the night
clay majestic visions no two were ever alike

clay prophet full of grace
mud dauber innerspace
brother of the human race

psychedelic tea pots in shapes only he could dream
in kaleidoscopic colours no one had ever seen

© becki digregorio
Track Name: Leave Me Here
leave me here

summer lights come out at night
to wake me in my dreams
with visions spiraling through my mind
and weaving in between

lying in the tall cool grass
i hear their melody
shining brightly as the sun
in golden reverie

so leave me here
i don’t want to get up at all

drifting in this lazy glow
they come before my eyes
stars and planets moons and suns
that dance across the skies

colours born in the early dawn
i see them all so clear
won’t you lay here by my side
we’ll watch them disappear

so leave me here
i don’t want to get up at all
just leave me here
i don’t want to get up
and miss the heaven’s show
no i don’t want to go
leave me here

© becki digregorio
Track Name: Which Side of Time Are You On??
which side of time are you on??

my friend joe he wears a watch
so he always knows the time
then there’s blue he wears two
so he’s never quite sure in his mind

i know lynn and just like the sun
she’ll be there when you awake
then there’s joon she’s more like the moon
and you’re lucky if she shows up late

so tell me which side of time are you on??

i know vince he digs the ‘scene
and he lays our sound all day
my friend jack he may not come back
so you’re lucky if he shows up late

can’t you feel when the time is right
all your darkness turns to light
see the time moving ‘round and ‘round
never makes a sound…

© becki digregorio
Track Name: Love Was Here
love was here

you were meant for me
and i can see this clearly
so now before it ends
can we see this grow to something
more than friends

you were there to take my hand
lead me into a promised land
and when i didn’t know day from night
you carried me to the light

but time was not on our side
so we just leave this all behind
‘cuz you don’t really know
and there’s nothing i can do
but let you go

and now or so it seems
that you must stay in my dreams
and here is where love waits
for the time when we can dream and be awake

you were to take my hand
and lead me out of a promised land
and when i didn’t know day from night
you carried me to the light

© becki digregorio
Track Name: Hey Moondog
hey moondog (see the god of odin come)

hey moondog
what do you say today?
hey moondog
nothing’s in your way
and in your mind a symphony’s at play

hey moondog
hear the crowds walk on by
hey moondog
feel the sun cross the sky
and no you’ll never die in 4/4 time

hey moondog
see the god of odin come
hey moondog
all the others blinded by the sun
behold the viking stands between the one

see the god of odin come
a flash inside the mind
listen to the senses
for a rhythm and a rhyme

© becki digregorio
Track Name: In My Water Room
in my water room

in my water room
behind my dream
it’s just as clear to me today

i breathe in deep
while i’m asleep
and know that i’m awake to stay

in my water room
there is no sound
nor do i drown within it there

and i’m alright
held in this light
it fills my soul with liquid air

my mind’s inside my water room…

in my water room
i feel you sigh
it makes me high and i’m in love

walls undefined
melt in my mind
while silver fishes school above

i’m high inside my water room…

© becki digregorio